nina ocean tribe

I was born and raised in Mexico. I majored in Biology, I have a specialty in Environmental Management and Diagnostics and a Master Degree in Ecology and Fisheries at the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. I worked in the field with freshwater turtles and crocodiles, and researched distribution patterns of Bottlenose Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico. I speak Spanish, English and French.

I started painting in 1997 with my mom and quickly fell in love with the oil media painting horses for several years as a hobby. It was later that I decided to explore different techniques such as pastels, aquacolor, acrylics and inks, painting a variety of wildlife like rattlesnakes, tigers, lions and marine life such as sharks, plankton, dolphins and more.

I tried woodburning for the first time in 1998 burning the names of the family horses as a hobby but it was until 2013 that I found my passion for woodburning in a more serious professional way merging it with my love for tribal designs and Polynesian culture.

I want to keep trying new techniques, explore new cultures, project and bring to life my knowledge and personal twist into my art for others to enjoy.

Please enjoy this slide show of old and new pieces.

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