The perfect team — Formality and experience without leaving out the FUN!

joe sup race

joe sup race

Joe Cerdas (Owner/Instructor)

Is a Full Time Supervisor with the Galveston Island Beach Patrol where he has worked for the past 11 years. He is also a Peace Officer and EMT Basic, CPR/AED Instructor, Swift Water Technician, Jet Ski Rescue Instructor and Marine Safety Enforcement Officer.

He started Stand Up Paddling at 16 years old but got into SUP racing on 2010. He is undefeated (26-0) in the state of Texas and has competed in different states around the country and internationally. He was selected to compete in the ISA World StandUp Paddle & Paddleboard Championship with Team Costa Rica in Sayulita, Mexico 2015.

His goals are to continue to grow as a waterman and promote the sport by teaching and training other people while bringing the younger paddlers into the sport.

nina sup training

nina sup training

Nina Medellin (Owner)

She majored in Biology, has a specialty in Environmental Management and Diagnostics and a Master Degree in Ecology and Fisheries at the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. She worked in the field with freshwater turtles and crocodiles, and researched distribution patterns of Bottlenose Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico.

She speaks Spanish, English and French and has a passion for arts dominating techniques such as oil, pastels, acrylics and wood-burning. 

She is an environmental, water-sports and SUP enthusiast, WPA certified and her goals are to promote environmental and family values into water sports while bringing children and families into enjoying SUP.

To check out some of her artwork please visit the section NinArte

Hannah sup training

Hannah sup training

Hannah Elferink A.K.A. "Hano'a" (Instructor/Team Rider)

She is a High School student in Galveston, Tx. She started Stand Up Paddling last year when she joined the Galveston Island Beach Patrol (GIBP) where she has been a Junior Lifeguard for the past 6 years.

Her love for the ocean since she was a little girl has brought her to participate in various activities in and out of the water, including Volleyball, Stan Up Paddling, surf-skiing, kayaking and swimming. As a strong student athlete, school and education are also a priority for her.

She is currently ranked #1 in Texas for the 12'6" board class and her goals for this upcoming season are to continue working hard to refine her skills and evolve as a paddler, continuing to promote the sport of Stand Up Paddling and have fun doing what she loves!

David's sup surf session

David's sup surf session

David Cerdas "El Capi" (Instructor/Beach Master)

He graduated high-school in 2014 and now he is a student at the Firefighter's school in College of Mainland.

He started sailing with his Dad when he was very young showing outstanding skills. At the age of 15 he became the youngest sailor to race in the Great Texas 300.

He is a great waterman as it runs in the Cerdas family and he enjoys different water activities such as surfing, Stand Up Paddling, sailing and fishing. He used to teach youth sailing at a local club and now his goal is to bring youngsters into Stand Up Paddling as well.

Ellie sup training

Ellie sup training

Ellie Cherryhomes (Instructor/Team Rider)

Ellie was a Junior Lifeguard for the Galveston Island Beach Patrol for six years and is now a third year guard. She has competed in six United States Lifesaving National Championships.

She started paddling around two years ago and quickly fell in love with racing and surf SUP. She is also one of the fastest paddlers in Texas. Along with paddling, Ellie competes in surfing and she's the #2 female long-boarder in the state.

She's a graduating senior (#3 in her class) and president of the Honor Society at the local high-school. Ellie plans to study pre-medicine at either the University of California Santa Barbara or the University of Texas at Austin, where she planes to continue her development as a waterman.

Baxter Wright racing at the Colorado river ramble 2015

Baxter Wright racing at the Colorado river ramble 2015

Baxter Wright (Team Rider)

Baxter is 13 years old from Seabrook, Texas. The youngest of our racing team. He started surfing in Texas Gulf Coast Surf Association events at age 4. His love of Stand Up Paddleboarding started when he became a Jr. Lifeguard with the Galveston Island Beach Patrol.

Under the mentoring of Joe Cerdas, Baxter has won many Jr. races in Texas and is currently Texas' Jr. State Champion and holds second place in the Galveston Ocean Fest 2015 in men's 12'6 class.

In summer 2015 Baxter also competed in the United States Lifeguard Association's National Competition in Daytona Beach, FL. where he placed 2nd in prone paddling. At the Galveston Beachfest Lifeguard Competition Baxter placed 1st in overall points in his age class.

He is definitely on the right track to become a great waterman! 

Jimmy Mooney (A.K.A. SS Mooney) at the Ocean Fest 2015 in Galveston TX

Jimmy Mooney (A.K.A. SS Mooney) at the Ocean Fest 2015 in Galveston TX

Jimmy Mooney A.K.A. "SS Mooney" (Team Rider)

Jimmy's love for the water began at an early age. He spent a lot of his childhood summers sailing with family. Surfing became his passion as an adult. Jimmy and his wife have spend all their vacations on surf trips and adventures.

He started paddle boarding in 2009 but did not start competing until 2013.  He got hooked on SUP racing and spends all his free time in the water...either surfing or SUP surfing or training on SUP.

Jimmy is looking forward to this years SUP race season. He already has a WIN for 2016. First place in the Texas Winter 100 K -14 mile SUP race on the Colorado River.

Jimmy's favorite saying "The best surfer is the one having the most fun!" And if you see someone on a board throwing a headstand like a pro... that's SS Mooney!

Maria Quevedo (Team Rider)

Born in Galveston, Texas in 1998, Maria has always had a love for the water.

She began swimming competitively at the age of 6.  In high school she joined the swim team and water polo team, and her senior year of high school became the captain of both teams.

Growing up on an island she spent all her time at the beach and from a very young age aspired to become a beach patrol lifeguard.  At the age of 16 she tried out for beach patrol and made it.  That summer she met Joe, and began stand up paddling, competing, and quickly fell in love with the sport.

She is now a third year beach patrol lifeguard, swim teacher, and Ocean Tribe team rider.  Maria plans to work extremely hard this summer and grow as a paddler as well as share her love for the water and Stand Up Paddling.